I’m Roland Goity, writer and editor.

Left from Write is my home on the Web for business-related projects. I like to freelance for agencies and corporations who seek business writing expertise. My professional writing experience includes more than 15 years of business communications writing. I’ve literally produced thousands of marketing and public relations documents for agencies, corporations and non-profits in a wide range of industries but especially in technology, healthcare, hospitality and lifestyle. My work includes whitepapers, case studies, bylined articles, executive summaries and features in addition to more common backgrounders, releases, data and fact sheets, etc.

As a creative writer I've published scores of stories in literary magazines. Also, I edit fiction for the online journal LITnIMAGE and co-edited the collection EXPERIENCED: Rock Music Tales of Fact & Fiction (Vagabondage Press, 2011). I also regularly contributed book reviews for the San Francisco Chronicle and music reviews for OnlineRock.

I like to write (and edit), what more can I say? I live in the San Francisco Bay Area but am happy to work for clients wherever they may be. For more info, please check out my website. And feel free to contact me anytime.