Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Website Copy--Always a Work in Progress

I've come to realize that a piece of writing can almost always be improved. When writing short fiction, I'll often think a story is "finished" and send it off for consideration, only to revisit it, tinker with it, and send off a new version soon thereafter. The proofing, editing and revising never ends. At least until publication.

I think of a website in the same way. Writing website copy shouldn't be a static endeavor. While companies update their sites with new pages and links as necessary, most don't update existing site material unless it's become irrelevant. Why not make it an ongoing practice to review and improve website copy?  If you're like me, you notice glaring typos or grammatical errors in every book you read. Just think about what you find online. When I'm checking out websites with editorial eyes I spot problem areas all the time. Maybe your site doesn't need an overhaul, but proofing it from time to time is a good idea, especially if you're making frequent changes. Think of your website like your car. In need of a tune-up at regular intervals.

If I reread this post often enough I'll find typos or grammatical problems begging to be corrected. And, thanks to Blogger, I'll make the necessary changes swiftly.

In fact, I may have already done so. That's the beauty of publishing online content. Everything's a work in progress.

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